Positive results in 2013-14

Although much delayed, we wanted to report our results from last year and hope we can meet or exceed them this year.

The 2013-2014 results were quite encouraging. Once again, we distributed a brief questionnaire to teachers at the end of the year, asking them to provide feedback on any student who had been seeing one of our interns regularly. We had the best response rate ever—57 questionnaires returned, although some were multiple ratings of the same student by different teachers.

In total, TSG interns provided 1630 counseling sessions (these can vary in length from 15-45 minutes) to a total of 136 students. This averages about 12 sessions per client, although many clients are seen regularly all year long and others are seen only for 2-3 sessions.

The teachers’ survey asks how strongly they agree or disagree that they saw positive changes in emotional regulation, social interactions, behavior, and academic performance in the students we counseled. Here are the data for Strongly Agree/Agree: Emotional Regulation 84%, Behavior 81%, Social Interactions 77%, and Academic Performance 51%.

Here are a few of the teacher’s comments:

“A. has developed positive coping skills and demonstrated leadership! Thank you!”

“I have seen big changes in G. He is more social than ever! Thank you!”

And a few of the client’s comments:

“You have helped me through my problems and I’m going to miss you very much.”

“Usually I’m not the kind of person who can easily express feelings, but I was able to tell her anything and everything.”

“I think she did good as a teacher because she cheers a person up and she is nice.”

An enormous thank you to our schools—Gale, Swift, Hayt, and Darwin—for their support, our wonderful interns, and my partner of three years, Kathryn Grubbs. Good job!