The mission of The Schools Group is to help improve the academic and social performance of children and adolescents in Chicago-area schools by providing in-school clinical counseling services to this underserved population at low or no cost to the schools.

Many students in this economically and ethnically diverse population face serious challenges—difficult or abusive situations at home, anxiety, depression, bereavement, trauma, substance abuse (their own or their parents’), academic failure, and social problems. School staff rarely have the time to provide individual, on-going psychotherapy services that the students may need to succeed in school.

The Schools Group provides clinical counseling services to these students where they can access them—in their schools. It does so by placing graduate students in counseling and psychology in the schools to provide counseling services. These graduate students are closely supervised by licensed counselors and psychologists at The Schools Group and at their graduate schools. Thus, the second purpose of The Schools Group is educational and is fulfilled by providing training sites for graduate students as well as training and supervision to practicing clinicians.