School-Based Practicum in Client-Centered Therapy

Information for school administrators, counselors and case managers: Working with a Schools Group intern

The Schools Group places graduate students in schools in one of two ways. We work with Communities in Schools Chicago (CISC) partner schools who have identified mental health services as a needs priority. CISC and The Schools Group then work with the partner schools to determine whether placing a student intern would be beneficial to both the school and to the intern. CISC partner schools receive this service at no cost.

Our program is designed to place as little burden as possible on school personnel. The Schools Group provides all formal supervision and interns are expected to work independently. We do, however, depend on the schools to provide a private and consistent space where interns can meet with students and to provide referrals of students who could benefit from clinical counseling services. Interns primarily provide individual counseling and play therapy but also can conduct groups, provide psycho-educational materials, or sponsor after-school activities that relate to mental health and well-being. We work closely with each school to respond to the needs of its community.

For schools not in the CISC program, we also can provide these same services for a low fee that covers the cost of supervision.